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SUP Board

Stand Up Paddle Tour

This tour begins with introducing you to our SUP equipment and giving you an informative SUP safety lesson. Once we are comfortable and ready, we will launch from the beach onto the protected waters of Stanley Main Beach starting our 3-4 mile round trip along the coastline of Stanley Peninsula. Enjoy a view of the Stanley Prison Hostel and swimming in the beach of Tung Tau Wan or Pak Sha Wan. While on the water your knowledgeable and friendly naturalist SUP guide will educate you about the surrounding region and helping you further improve your SUP skills.


SUP Tour                                       Cost per person 

(1-hour tuition & 1-hour tour)

1-person                                             HK$1200.00

2-person                                             HK$750.00

3-person                                             HK$650.00

4-person                                             HK$550.00

5-person                                             HK$450.00

Rental Charge                                Cost per person                                          

1-hour                                                 HK$80.00

2-hour                                                 HK$150.00

3-hour                                                 HK$200.00

1 day(8-hour)                                  HK$350.00 

【Coach Ratio

  • 1 on 5|Windsurf

  • 1 on 8|Kayak and SUP

Extra Equipment 

Buoyancy Vest : HK$30/hr, HK$40/2-hr, HK$50/3-hr, HK$80/day

Wetsuit : HK$30/hr, HK$40/2-hr, HK$50/3-hr, HK$80/day

Rescue Service : HK$200.00/person


  • Participants should be aware of their health condition, and consider whether it is suitable for them to enroll in the recreation and sports activity. Able to swim at least 50M with clothes in the sea, able to stay alone in the sea. Participants should obtain the declaration before enrolling in activities organized by HK Aqua-bound Centre. Participants under 18 should obtain the written consent of their parents/guardians.

  • Good health condition.

  • All participants must have activity experience to rent equipment.

  • For all rentals, age under 8 years old, parents / guardian must be with children.

  • For all rentals, aged under 15 years old, parents / guardian must accompany with children.

  • For all rentals, aged under 18 years old, can attend the activity on their own, but with parental permission.

  • For all courses, age 8-12 years old must attend private course for all courses.

  • For details, please refer to terms and conditions.

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