Requirement : 

  1. Students should be age 8 or up

  2. Aged under 13 must attend private lesson

  3. Able to swim with clothes at least 50m   

  4. Good health condition


2-3hr Group Lesson 

2 students class              HK$1,100.00 (per person)

3 students class              HK$900.00 (per person)

4 students class              HK$800.00 (per person)

5 students class              HK$700.00 (per person)


Private Lesson                        

2 hours per booking                           HK$800.00/hour

10 hours Package                              HK$6,500.00

(min. 2 hours per booking)


Equipment Rental & Services Charge


Windsurfing Gear :


1-hour                                                 HK$180.00

2-hour                                                 HK$280.00

3-hour                                                 HK$360.00

Day                                                     HK$600.00


Advanced Gear :  

1-hour                                                 HK$250.00

2-hour                                                 HK$400.00

3-hour                                                 HK$500.00

Day                                                     HK$800.00


Harness : HK$30/hr, HK$40/2-hr, HK$50/3-hr, HK$80/day

Buoyancy Vest : HK$20/hr, HK$30/2-hr, HK$40/3-hr, HK$60/day

Wetsuit : HK$30/hr, HK$40/2-hr, HK$50/3-hr, HK$80/day

Rescue Service : HK$200.00/person


Rigging Service : Set-up & Dismantle-HK$250/set

10-hr Group Lesson 

HK$4,400.00 (per person)

HK$3,600.00 (per person)

HK$3,200.00 (per person)

HK$2,800.00 (per person)

Address: Stanley Main Beach

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WhatsApp: +852 9269 5969

Office Hours: 9:00am to 6:30pm


Postal Address:

Room 2202, 22/F.,

Causeway Bay Plaza Phase I,

CausewayBay, Hong Kong

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